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Images, pictures and photos of Stokesay Castle is the finest and best preserved medieval manor house in England. Stokesay Castle, Shropshire, is the finest and best preserved medieval manor house in England. Built in the 1281 by Laurence of Ludlow, the leading wool merchant of his time, Stokesay was designed to be a comfortable secure manor house. The layout of Stokesay castle today is the same as that completed by Laurence of Ludlow in 1291. This gives a unique glimpse into how wealthy medieval merchants could expect to live.The fortified manor consist of a walled, moated enclosure in which is built a great hall flanked on either side by towers. The south tower looks like a small keep. The North tower is topped by a half timbered rooms with original medieval tiled floors. Between the Great Hall and the south tower is a solar block which was the private house of Laurence of Ludlow. on the opposite side of a central courtyard is a half timbered gate house, built about 1641, that leads via a small bridge which crosses a moat that surrounds the walled castle. The gatehouse is a fine example of a Marches style timbered building with fine wood carvings. Stokesay Castle has only experienced one military attack and that was in 1645 when the Parliamentarian forces besieged it. The castle was surrendered without a fight and even though it was ordered that its fortifications were to be removed, luckily for us this was never done.

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