THE AFTER LIFE - Ancient Egyptian Art Antiquities Photo Wall Art Prints Photographer Paul E Williams { 308 images } Created 31 Jul 2021

The Afterlife - Photo wall art print collection of Ancient Egyptian Artefacts and Antiquities by photographer Paul E Williams. "The ancient Egyptians are one of the most enigmatic ancient civilisations. Their belief in the after life led to incredibly complex burial practices that created underground tombs full of Egyptian artefacts with wall covered in Egyptian art. The deceased mummified body was placed in a beautifully decorated sarcphagus which was surrounded with everything needed in the afterlife. From wood models of servants and mummified animals to furniture and luxury gold goods. This photo series is not just a tribute to one of the most colourful civilisations mankind ever created but is also about connecting with the past. Strangely the fact that the tombs deceased and his, or her, possessions did not travel to an Afterlife has brought them another form of immortality that they. and the artist who created the antiquities. could never have guessed. Their work still speaks to us thousands of years after they died in a powerful and enigmatic way". Paul E Williams. Please enjoy!!.

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