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Pictures images photos of Taormina, Sicily. The theatre of Taormina has one of the most dramatic backdrops of any ancient Greek Theatre. Taormina sits high above the sea protected by precipitous slopes that drop 250 m (800ft) to the coast below. The town sits on a narrow plateau with 150 m high cliffs behind it rising to the Saracen castle above . Situated at the the top of the town the Taormina thaetre has a clear view out across a bay below to the smoking Volcano cones of Etna. The well preserved back wall of the Theatre is made of brick which means that the Romans built on an earlier Greek theatre. From the fragments of architectural decorations still extant we learn that it was of the Corinthian order, and richly ornamented. The greater part of the original seats have disappeared, but the wall which surrounded the whole cavea is preserved, and the proscenium with the back wall of the scena and its appendages, of which only traces remain in most ancient theatres, are here preserved in singular integrity, and contribute much to the picturesque effect, as well as to the interest, of the ruin. At 109 meters in diameter the Taormina Theatre is the second biggest in Sicily after Syracuse. Today Taormina is high on the tourist sights of Sicily and especially with cruise liners that can anchor in the bay below.

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