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The origins of the Tikka Masala are the subject of much debate and controversy. Glasgow chef, Ali Ahmed Aslam, claims to have invented the dish and his claim was supported by British MP MP Mohammad Sarwar who in July 2009 asked the British Parliament to give Glasgow the European Union protected geographical status for chicken tikka masala. Other claims say that the dish may have originated as street food in the Punjab over the last 50 years. Either way Tikka Masala is not a traditional Indian dish and is Britain's favourite food, although it alternates annually with the traditional roast dinner and the Jalfreize curry.

The tikka Masala is made from pieces of chicken tikka which is marinated in spices and yogurt baked in a tandoor oven in a Masala sauce. The sauce should well spiced rich and creamy with a hint of coconut but not hot. Restaurant Masala sauces may have a rich red colour which is usually due to the addition of food colourings. lamb and fish can be cooked in the Masala sauce as variations.

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