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Pictures images photos of the Topkapı Palace ( Topkapı Sarayı ) Istanbul, Turkey. In 1453 the army of Sultan Mehmed II took Constantinople and finished the Roman ( Byzantine ) Empire. In 1459 Sultan Mehmed began the construction of the Topkapi Palace as his residence. The Palace is really a small fortified town that at its height housed 4000 people and had its own mosques, parkland, hospital, bakery and mint. The Palace compound housed administrative buildings within its outer walls and situated at the very end of the promontory that overlooks the entrance to the Golden Horn harbour is the walled Palace that the Sultan inhabited. This part of the Palace has an outer courtyard in which is The Imperial Council (Dîvân-ı Hümâyûn) building where the ruling councillors held meetings with the Sultan and the Sultan met foreign dignitaries. The Inner courtyard houses the Harem for the women of the house and the private apartments of the Sultan and his library and mosque. The rooms of the Palace are decorated with arabesque patterned Iznik and Kütahya tiles. The Imperial Harem (Harem-i Hümayûn) occupied one of the sections of the private apartments of the sultan; it contained more than 400 rooms of which a few are open to the public today. The harem was home to the sultan's mother, the Valide Sultan; the concubines and wives of the sultan; and the rest of his family, including children; and their servants. The only man that was not a Eunuch who could enter the Harem was the Sultan. The Topkapi Palace was used by the Sultans until 1856 when they moved to the newly built Dolmabahçe Palace that was built with the showy opulence of the late Baroque & Neo-classic styles of the time which contrasted with the restrained external architecture of the Topkapi Palace.

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