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The Water Gate Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels, Karkamis (Karkamış, Carchemish or Karkemish), Turkey. Hittite artefacts of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara. Karkamis straddles the Turkish Syrian border in southern Anatolia. The late Hittite capital for 300 years Karkamis was an important centre. Excavations have found the most important collection of Late Neo Hittite Syrian Hittite monumental stone orthostats that clad the Gates and important buildings of the city. One of these groups of Hittite art panels clad the exterior of the Water Gate. The Water Gate Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels have a clean and deeply prepared surface and the figures are of low relief form typical of the late Neo Hittite Syrian style of 900-700 BC. The Water Gate contains two groups of Hittite orthostats : In Karkamis II-a style group, the figures and the details in the relief are not noticeable. In reliefs carved from the front, the swelling and protrusion are evident on the surfaces. An example of this style contains musicians. The figure sitting on a stool to the left of the table in the Hittite orthostat holds a goblet in his right hand which he raised upwards. Behind, there is a servant with a fan in his hand. On the other side of the table is another servant waits with a vessel in the hands. The rightmost figure plays a Saz (a stringed musical instrument) with the tassel on the handle. In Karkamis II-b style reliefs, dimensions and the details figures are distinctive and carved deeply into the stone. Faces and cheeks are plump, and the eyes, noses, mouths are very well shaped. An example of this type of Hittite style is the orthostat depicting Two bull men holding the trunk of the tree in the middle. The faces of the figures have been depicted from the front direction. The horned figures with bull like ears and legs have human bodies. The common feature of these two groups is that people, gods, heroes, and human-bodied mixed creatures wear the same type of clothes.

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