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Pictures images photos of the Lycian city of Xanthos (Lycian: Arñna, Latin: Xanthus, Turkish: Ksantos), Antalya, Turkey. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. Xanthos was a center of culture and commerce for the Lycians, and later for the Persians, Greeks, including Macedonians, and Romans who in turn conquered the city and occupied the adjacent territory. In approximately 540 BC, according to Herodotus, the Persians met and defeated a small Lycian army in the flatlands to the north of the city. After the encounter, the Lycians retreated into the city which was besieged by Harpagus. The Lycians destroyed their own Xanthian acropolis, killed their wives, children, and slaves, then proceeded on a suicidal attack against the superior Persian troops. Thus, the entire population of Xanthos perished but for 80 families who were absent during the fighting. The Xanthian Obelisk, also known as the Xanthos or Xanthus Stele is trilingual with three languages of Greek, Lycian A, and Lycian B, or Milyan and a section remains at Xanthos. he Lycian "Harpy Tomb" is a marble pillar tomb from 480-470 B.C. The Greek Archaic style carvings of four winged female figures, Harpies, that covered the tomb were removed by Charles Fellows in 1838 and are now in the British Museum as is the Xanthos Letoon, an important sanctuary of Leto daughter of Titans Coeus & Phoebe. Xanthos was made a UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site in 1988.

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